eShakti again!


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Ladies and gentlemen, I have arrived! This is my first sponsored review, and I couldn’t be more excited!

  A few weeks after I posted my first eshakti review, I was contacted by the lovely Jane of eShakti media relations, who offered me a free dress to review. Huzzah! Of course I was all over that, and I placed my order a few days later. They put new clothes on the website every day, so I waited until I saw a dress I was in love with. Here’s what Jane said about eShakti in the email she sent me:

eShakti – A brief snapshot – 
1. eShakti is pronounced – e-shack-tee
2. Meaning of the name – Shakti means power in Sanskrit.   eShakti therefore means the power of the net. 
3. We offer sizes 0-36W & Custom
4. FREE customization on ALL first-time orders
5. In addition to the size and style personalization, for the first time by any apparel brand, we also offer the choice to have embellishments or not & pockets or not!
6. We ship across the USA & Canada
7. We customize every order to the height, size & style specifications and deliver in 14 business days (18 calendar days) from order, or money-back.   Details
8. We have a no-questions-asked, hassle-free returns policy
We are thematically representing eShakti as ‘Real fashion for Real People‘, with a view to sharing with our customers how our garments look on others – those who are not professional fashion models.
Isn’t that great? No wonder eShakti is a favorite amongst plus size bloggers!

This was the best picture I got before I had to take it inside. I will take better pictures, but I really wanted to get this review up.

So much love! The dress started out looking like the picture below, but I changed the sleeves to short flared, and gave my measurements for a perfect fit. I decided I needed a little black dress, but even my little black dresses are not solid black. Must have colorful dots!


This dress was still available as of this morning.

Once again, it’s a perfect fit, and the fabric is amazing! I can’t get enough of the cotton they use. It just screams quality. That’s not something I often find in plus size clothing.


Pockets! Really big pockets! Pockets that can hold stuff!

It’s lined in a nice taffeta that doesn’t add any bulk, which is very important in a slim skirt. The pockets are slash pockets that are on the side seams, so they don’t stand out. I love having a pencil skirted dress. I usually go for full skirts because they’re easier to fit (real cute, too), but it’s great to finally have a dress with a more narrow skirt. I recommend eShakti to anyone that has trouble finding dresses that fit their bust, waist, and hips at the same time.


Hear that? It’s the rockin’ world going round.

As you can see, this dress has elastic in the back. I actually prefer that, because it keeps the waist from stretching out. You can also see the cute shawl collar in the picture above. I think next time I’ll order the shoulder width an inch narrower. It’s a bit too wide across my back.


You can’t really see it in that picture, but I did have to add a piece of pink fabric to the neckline because it was so low my bra was showing. Think of the children! I don’t mind the little pop of pink, and I think it looks pretty good myself.

Now, let’s get down to business. I got this referral code, see? And if you use it, you get $30 off anything, even overstock, and I get $15 credit. You feel me? Everything is also 25% off right now, so I suggest you make your way over to with a quickness. First time customers also get free customization!


Have you ever bought anything from eShakti? If not, do you plan on it? Tell me in the comments!

The Corset Post


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I’ve been putting this post off forever, but after getting some questions from one of my bra friends ( Yes, I have friends that I only talk about underpinnings with. What of it?), I decided it was time.

  Corsets are somewhat popular with the plus size crowd, and I think it’s because they’re so much better than other shapewear, especially for bigger bodies. I tried a lot of shapewear before prom, and I wish I had had my corset to wear under my dress. I just wanted a bit of smoothing under my clingy dress, but everything squished my waist into a tube. Now that I have a corset, I will never go back to Spanx type shapewear.

Types of Corsets

The two main types of corsets you will encounter are overbust and underbust. Overbust covers the bosoms, and underbusts stop right under the bosoms. If you want a corset for waist training, get an underbust. Overbusts are for dress up and casual wear, because you don’t want to lace too tightly and hurt the girls. With an underbust, you don’t even have to worry with your boobs, and you can lace as tightly as is comfortable, after seasoning, of course.


Seasoning is what the breaking in period is called. I know it will be incredibly hard to stop yourself from tightening your corset as far as you can when you first get it, but you must resist! Your corset needs time to mold to your body, and if you tighten it too fast, you’ll bend the bones all out of whack. Season your corset with the Rule of Two – Two inches of reduction, for two hours a day, for two weeks. An easy way to measure a two inch reduction is to tighten your corset just to where it’s not falling off, then measure the back lacing gap. So if your lacing gap measures 7″, tighten it until it measures 5″.


This is what my lacing gap looked like while I was seasoning.

  Make sure your lacing gap is straight and parallel. If the gap looks like / \, \ /, ( ), or ) (, straighten it out so the bones don’t warp.

My Corset Review

The corset I wore to the faire is a CS-426 from Orchard Corset. It is a 30, which means it measures 30″ when fully closed. I didn’t measure, but I’m going to guess that my waist was around 34″ in those pictures. My uncorsetted waist is about 38″. If your waist measures 38″ or more, Orchard recommends ordering 6-8″ smaller than your waist measurement.


The lace overlay version is sold out, but they have plain satin available all the time.

I talked to Cheri a lot before I made a decision, and she was extremely helpful. If you are unsure about anything, Orchard Corset customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered in all my years of online shopping, so don’t hesitate to contact them. Shipping is also super fast. Two days from Washington to Kentucky! Cheri suggested the 426 over the 411, because I’m plus size and a little over average height at 5’6″. The 426 is longer than the 411, so I don’t get undermuffin. The 426 is also good for gals with “vintage figures”, meaning your hips are at least 10″ bigger than your waist. Mine are about 12″ bigger, so I got that covered. If your hips are smaller than your waist, a CS-411 would be better for you, unless you don’t care if there’s a gap between the corset and your hips. I’ve heard that some women pad their hips out to get that hourglass shape in a corset, and I think that’s a splendid idea.

Since I got those childbearing hips, even Orchard’s level 3 corset wasn’t curvy enough for me. I knew I could get my waist smaller, but my hips could only be compressed so much. So I added expandable hip ties. I followed this video – and it was really tedious, but super easy and so worth it. I laced down to 33″ on the first try like it was nothing.





I recommend watching the other corset videos Lucy (see above link) has. She knows everything there is to know, and she’s just an all around great person! I feel very important because I’ve talked to her on Tumblr. Be jealous.

There it is, kids. My plus size corset post. I know I probably left things out, so if you have any questions, please ask in the comments. I know people have a lot of questions about corsets, especially plus size corsets, and the purpose of this blog is to give the plus size perspective on non-traditional fashion, so ask away!




Eshakti and a Snood


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Hello lovelies! I have one of my favorite outfits to show you today!

I have wanted an Eshakti dress for years, but they were always just out of my price range. So when they started the $25 off for new customers promotion, I decided to place an order. Eshakti has the most amazing vintage inspired dresses, and it was really hard to pick one, but in the end I decided on the Havana dress in emerald green. Then I put my measurements in, and decided if I wanted to change anything about the dress. I wanted a pretty authentic looking 50s dress, so I changed the skirt to mid-calf length. I also wanted to be able to wear it all year, so I changed the sleeves to elbow length. All of the customizations are great for women like me, who see dresses at the mall that would be so perfect, if only they were a little longer, or had sleeves, etc. They even have an option for short or long armed ladies, so the sleeves are the right length. I have stubby little arms, and the sleeves came to my elbow like they were supposed to. Well, I know you’re dying to see how it turned out, so here you go!


The waist stretched out a bit when I wore it the first time, but it should be good after I wash it.

As you can see, it’s gorgeous! Before the waist stretched, it fit perfectly, so imagine it tighter on my waist. I would have worn my pink belt with it, but it was delivered the day after I wore the dress. By the way, how do you feel about pink and green together? It’s my favorite color combination.


Note to self: Close fingers next time.

The only things that would make the outfit better would be a petticoat and pink shoes. Alas, I can’t find a tea length petticoat that doesn’t cost me my firstborn child, and my pink shoes also got here the day after I wore it.


Did I mention pockets? Because it has them!
Sorry about the tiny picture.

I’ve heard that their customer service can be pretty useless, but I had a wonderful experience. I told them I would like to have it to wear to a birthday party, and they upgraded the shipping so it would get here on time. I didn’t even have a blog then, so I wasn’t given special treatment, and I bought the dress with my own money. I will be buying from them again as soon as I can. The quality of the dress is phenomenal. The cotton is so crisp and smooth, the seams are finished, and there’s even little snaps on the shoulders to keep my bra straps from falling down. A+ Eshakti!

  Now, on to the second part of the title. If you don’t already know, a snood is a head covering that’s in between a hairnet and one of those slouchy beanies. I got one at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, and I’m wearing it in the above pictures. I sewed some ribbon roses onto it to dress it up and make it look less like a hairnet. I forgot to get a picture of it while it was on my head, so I used my little dog as my model.


I must say, it looks better on her.

  Cute, yes? Everyone needs a snood. They turn bad hair days into good hair days, and if there’s anything I hate, it’s washing my hair.

Hey wait! I also have a nifty referral code! If you’re a new customer, use it and get $30 off!

Or enter this code if you have some kind of vendetta against links: BETHANY3ZVK

As far as I know, the code can be used on overstock, so you might even be able to get something for free if you keep an eye out for your size.

Dress: Eshakti, custom size – $40

Shoes: Simply Be, 8EEE – $7

Snood: Ohio Renaissance Faire – $6

Glasses: Zenni Optical – $23

Necklace: Chain from Michael’s, charm from Etsy – $6

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme…


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Last Saturday, I went to my most favorite place in the world, the Ohio Renaissance Festival! I wait all year to go to that magical place, where trees wear sweaters, men wear tights, and I feel like I belong. It is my paradise, and nothing will ever make me ashamed of it. It was the pirate weekend, and my best friend Amber accompanied me as my first mate.



Avast, ye land lubbers!

The first thing we did was watch The Swordsmen perform, and they were absolutely hilarious. They got the audience involved, and made kids cuss. It was great! I know one of us got a picture of them, but I can’t find it, so you’ll just have to make do with this one from the website.


Is that a turkey leg in your tights, or are you just happy to see me? I hope it’s a turkey leg, because the ones at the faire are to die for.


After that, we wandered about the many shops, all the while being serenaded by traveling minstrels, and having adorable men take us by the hand and lead us in to look at their wares. Her most serene majesty Queen Elizabeth was enchanting as usual, and made me want to be a redhead again.




He worked in the weaponry shop, so I’m hoping that was his way of advertising.

One of my lifelong dreams is to be someone’s muse. For an artist to be inspired by me is just the most incredibly flattering thing I can think of, but I didn’t even think “artist’s muse” was a thing nowdays. But hold, as The Swordsmen say while holding their butts, a renaissance faire is not “nowdays”. I was a muse, you guys!

  So there I was, taking the above picture, and this guy comes up to me and says, “You! Come with me!”. Being the kind of person that I am, I started to freak out and asked him what I did. “You’re going to be my sample!”, he gleefully tells me, while pulling me to his shop. Naturally, I thought I was doomed to be some kind of mannequin for his stuff, but no! Turns out, his friend makes amazing leather corsets, and they both fell in love with my corset as soon as they saw me. His friend couldn’t figure out how to make an underbust corset work for fuller figures, but he said he was going to try after seeing how great I looked in mine. So he measured my corset against his, and was incredibly excited to have me there. Now, I’m usually the wallflower type, even though I dress in a rather loud fashion, but I could tell that these men were so passionate about what they do, and in no time I was talking to them like they were my best friends. They wanted to make women feel good about themselves. It wasn’t just about the money for them. They made me feel so important, celebrated even. He said most corsets don’t do curvy women any favors, but I was the the sexiest thing ever! I have never felt like that before, and it was positively intoxicating. I’ve always been “cute”, but never sexy. Not once was there any comment about how it was too hard to make something in a larger size, or “That would look great, if only your boobs, hips, waist, etc. was smaller.”. The corset maker asked me if I could touch my toes while wearing a corset, and I told him I can’t do that anyway because my boobs get in the way, and he got a case of the giggles and said, “Oh, she’s so cute!”. I have never had that much positive attention directed at me before, and I can honestly say it was one of the best moments of my entire life.

Sometimes I think there should be an It Gets Better movement for chubby girls, because it really is true. You just have to find people that make you feel good, and get rid of the ones that don’t. It’s not worth it to stay with people that bring you down, when there are people that will make you feel so wonderful that you cry from happiness when you think about them.

  Well, thank you for reading this far. I don’t usually get so into emotional type things, but that was one of those tell-your-grandchildren-about-it moments that I will treasure forever, and I want every single person reading this to know that they are worthy of a thousand moments like that.

Now I’m making myself uncomfortable, so here are some more pictures.



I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of myself where I look more happy. That’s a real smile, people!


Arrrgh!…is what I said when I took my boots off later.


My, what faire maidens!


Amber put me back in the stocks later, after she saw the above picture where she was almost shot.


Why yes, I did wear my clearance bodice to the movies. It was on clearance!

The Ohio Renaissance Festival is every weekend from September until mid October, and I highly recommend it if you live anywhere close. Say hi to the queen for me!

Bethany Goes Grocery Shopping


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I can’t dress casually. The only time I wear t-shirts is when I’m sleeping. My idea of casual includes some type of cardigan and a full skirted dress, because I am Sookie Stackhouse. I am often overdressed because casual around here means cutoff shorts and one of those spray painted shirts that says “Country Girl”, or some such nonsense.


The horror!


I don’t go out very often, so when I do, I’m not going to waste an opportunity to wear something fabulous on jeans and a tank top. This is what I wore to get groceries and do other things about town:


Overlook my face. My photographer was being contrary.

Why wear something boring when you can wear a tunic with giant sleeves? This is my favorite top, even though it is a little big. It’s from Holy Clothing, and I’m still trying to figure out what size I wear from there. I’m in love with the color and style, and it’s the perfect length to wear with leggings.



Ravishing, yes? I stumbled upon Holy Clothing while I was looking for last year’s renaissance faire dress, and I fell in love with everything! It’s all so romantic and different, and the best part is that almost everything goes up to a 5x. Their clothing has elements that I would like to see more plus size companies offer, such as square necklines, interesting sleeves, and quality fabric. I’m a sucker for a historical inspired design, and I see dresses and tops in the same style as Holy Clothing in stores at the mall, but they’re always “one size fits all”, and I know I don’t have to tell you that’s a lie. A dadgum lie! But Holy Clothing has an excellent size range, and I recommend them to anyone looking to add a little renaissance flair to their wardrobe. Their customer service is great, too. I ordered a dress in a color that was out of stock, and they contacted me and told me they would put in a special order so I would have my dress in time for the faire. That sealed the deal. Customer for life!

Sign up for their newsletter, and get 10% off!


Tunic: 2x, – $35.99

Leggings: XL, Walmart – $6

Necklace- Charm from Etsy, chain from Michael’s – $6

Headband- Claire’s – $1

Diversity In Lingerie


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Hello all! Sorry I’ve been a bad blogger!

Continuing along the same lines of my last post, I’m very excited to tell you that there’s a movement going on in the lingerie blogging world. It’s called #DiversityInLingerie. Most of the participants so far are located outside of the US, and I want to help bring it to this wonderfully diverse country of mine.

  When you look at a lingerie catalog, or anywhere lingerie is being advertised, what do the models look like? Do they look like you, or do they look more like unattainably over-Photoshopped women? Probably the latter. I know when I look in the mirror while I’m in my underpants, nothing is in soft focus, and my hair isn’t blowing in the breeze (Seriously, why are lingerie models always caught in hurricanes?). I have wide hips, large thighs, stretch marks, and moles.

  What lingerie companies think of as flaws are the very things that make us special and diverse. How are we supposed to relate to women that have been smoothed and tucked to where their own mothers wouldn’t recognize them? I want lingerie companies to show me what average, un-Photoshopped women look like in their lingerie. I want to see diverse groups of women in lingerie that fits. I want to see women of color, I want to see women with disabilities, I want to see women with tattoos, I want to see women with mommy tummies, I want to see women with stretch marks and cellulite. I want to see all of those women, because they are real. If you go out into a crowd of women, that is what you will see, and I would bet that almost all of them are wearing some form of lingerie. If we live in the most diverse country, why is that not reflected in advertising?


This is my contribution to the movement.


See that little squidgy bit of my arm? I purposefully made that show in this picture because I used to hate that little part of my arms. I hated it because I thought no one else had it. Not even plus size lingerie models seem to have that bit of upper arm fluff. Then I realized that many women have that “flaw”, and wear long sleeves even in blistering heat because they are ashamed of it. By cutting out parts of a model’s body that many women have, lingerie companies teach us that we are to be ashamed of those parts. If women and girls see pictures of women that look like them, maybe they will realize that it’s okay to have that bit of arm pudge, or small breasts, or dark skin, or scars, or countless other things that they are told are flaws. They will realize that diversity is beautiful.


From Anna at

Starting from now, if you would like to join the campaign, just take a picture of yourself alongside the hashtag #DiversityInLingerie. It doesn’t have to be in lingerie or even include your face – you can be fully clothed, in your undies, whatever you like. Then, post it on as much social media as you can and make sure you type the hashtag in the text accompanying your post. You can also email it to June at Braless in Brasil to put on her blog, or feel free to add it to my (or another blogger’s) facebook page or to send it anonymously through a message. The more people participating the better!



Let’s Talk About Bras


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When I was a wee lass of ten, I got my first bra. I was a bit of an early bloomer, and I hated wearing tank tops under every shirt. It was a 34A, and it was a nude color. I remember the color because I wanted a pink one with hearts on it, but my mom insisted on the “practical” one. Now I don’t own one nude colored bra, so score one for impracticality. I wish I had known then what I know now about bras, because it would have made my middle school years much easier if I hadn’t started out in the wrong size.  Here are some of my thoughts on bras and boobs based on my own experiences, and from reading many fabulous bra blogs.

I like lists, as you will probably notice over time. Lists keep my rambling to a minimum.

1. If you buy your bras in the US, I would almost guarantee you’re wearing the wrong size.

Especially if you buy them from Victoria’s Secret. I know they’re supposedly the best bras known to US womankind, but they’re really not. Like really, really not. The salespeople will squeeze and stuff you into their limited size range to make a sale. Also, they measure under your armpits, and that should always be a red flag. If they measure for your band size anywhere else besides where your band is supposed to sit, then that is so wrong it should be punishable by law. It’s really sad because since they are the most popular lingerie chain in the US, they have an opportunity to bring full bust bras to the women of America, but they refuse to expand their size range and keep on making women who don’t fit into said tiny size range feel like freaks.

2. If you use descriptors such as squeeze, stuff, shoehorn, etc. to describe how you put your bra on, something is not right.

I still have problems with this. When I was wearing a DD, and I had my hands down my shirt every five minutes rearranging my boobs like some kind of deviant, I thought there was something terribly wrong with my boobs for not fitting into the “massive” size of 38DD. Now that I’ve had my bra epiphany (brapiphany?), I still can’t believe I wear anything over a 38FF, even though I still have to tuck myself back in many times over the day. I think it comes from my not wanting to get too big for my britches, if you will. Who do I think I am, wearing a 38FF and still wanting a bigger cup size? I just think I need a bigger size because I want a bigger size! If I get a bigger size, I might think I’m somebody, and I can’t have that! I got demons. Bra demons. But there’s still that little rational voice that tells me that I’m at least a 38G, and I answer that voice with an ornery, ” I know you are, but what am I?!”.

3. If you have two boobs without a bra on, you should also have two boobs with a bra on.

Say what now? Well, let us use some visual aides to illustrate what I’m talking about.


Let us assume that the woman above has two boobs when she doesn’t have a bra on. With the bra she is wearing, she now has six boobs. The two in the cups, the two spilling out over the top, and the two spilling out of the sides around her armpits. If you don’t have more than two boobs when you aren’t wearing a bra, you shouldn’t have more than two when you are.

Now let me show you what a well fitting bra looks like.


Bam! Again, let us assume this woman has two boobs when she is not wearing a bra. How many boobs does she have in the above bra? I count two. The two in the cups. That is the Panache Andorra bra, by the way. I hope to get my grubby little paws on it as soon as possible.

4. If your band rides up your back, it is too big and can’t do its job.

I’ve never really had a problem with knowing when my band is too big, because I simply cannot stand it when my band creeps up my back. Many women don’t seem to mind this, but they really should. Your bra band’s job is to support almost all of the weight of your boobs. The straps are there to hold a little bit of the weight. If your band is not firm, it can’t do its job. I recommend measuring tightly around your ribcage right under your boobs, and getting your band size that way. My tight ribcage measurement is 38″, and I wear 38 bands. If your measurement is an odd number, you can round one up or down and wear the size that feels the best. There’s also a fantastic calculator here :                                                       It’s so good, I keep it on my bookmarks toolbar in case there’s ever a bra fitting emergency (hey, it could happen).

I hope my barely organized ramblings can help someone start on their own brapiphany, but if you want to know everything about well fitting bras for the plus sized woman, I will send you across the pond to Georgina of . She’s got this stuff down.

Lust List


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Here are some things that I feel a strong want for.

1. Wide calf boots


Riding boots such as these from Simply Be, specifically. I had good luck with their super curvy boots last year, and I’m hoping the curvy plus width will be even better. I have 19″ calves, so even “wide calf” boots don’t usually fit me.


2. A real corset


I’m going to a renaissance faire next month, and I need a corset to complete my outfit. Also, I lost my only piece of shapewear (your guess is as good as mine on that one), and corsets are the best shapewear anyway. The one above is from Orchard Corset. I don’t recommend buying a corset from Corset-story/uk/deal, etc., because the bones they use are not good for corsets. Corsets need to have spring steel all the way around, except for right beside the grommets in the back. My corset from corset story had weird flat bones with holes in them all the way around.


3. A longline bra


Be still my heart…

Have you ever seen a more breathtaking photo? Lordamercy.

That right there is a Curvy Kate longline bra. It looks just like my favorite Fleurty, but better. Longline bras are just so sexy with their vintage flair. And that garter belt! Couldn’t you just die?


4. Scarlet Pumpkin body cream


Wanna hear a scary story? Come children, gather ’round then.

There once was a girl who who loved pumpkin scented lotion. She waited every year for the fall scents at Bath and Body Works. One year, they had travel size bottles of something called Wicked Spiced Pumpkin. It was love at first sniff. If heaven didn’t smell like this, then she would be very disappointed. She bought all of the little bottles she could afford, and used them every day. Fast forward a year later, and her supply was running woefully low. She heard of a scent called Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, and thought it would be the answer to her prayers for a full size Wicked Spiced Pumpkin, but alas! It smelled of apples! Friggin apples! The next year she heard of a scent called Scarlet Pumpkin. She sped off to the mall, old stinky tube of body cream in hand, to see if her dreams of a full size pumpkin scented body cream would be fulfilled. And it was! Scarlet Pumpkin was glorious! Perfect! Paint her blue and call her babe, this was it! She fairly floated to the register to make her exchange, where the salesgirl told her that it must be an even exchange. Then she died.

We hope you have enjoyed tonight’s performance of When You Consider Prostituting Yourself For Pumpkin Lotion, It’s Time To Reevaluate Your Life at the Bethany Dinner Theater. Please join us next month for our rendition of My Shoes Are A Half Size Too Big-I Wanna Die!

Starting with a bang!


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Hello all! I’ve been putting off really starting this here blog until I had something super great to talk about. Well, it doesn’t get super greater than today, so here it goes!

My best friend and I have a thing for Marilyn Monroe, so when we heard that Some Like It Hot was playing at an old theater in town, we nearly hopped our socks. Like for realz? My two favorite things are Marilyn and men in drag. Plus, I had just bought the most amazingly appropriate dress at Ross, so I simply had to go. Seriously guys, look at the dress.


I’m the one in the so-perfect-it-hurts pink dress. I call it my magic dress because it’s a size 12, and I usually wear an 18. If I hadn’t been shopping with my mom I never would have tried it on. I picked it for her, but it was too big. So I tried it on and it fit like a dream. Fate, I say! You know how plus size blogging ladies say to try things on without paying attention to the size on the tag? Do as they say. My peep Amber is in the smashing halter dress I wish I could wear. I’m lacking a strapless bra at the moment, and Bethany don’t go braless.


I take pictures at the gas station because I am the class.


Fun. We have it.



Oh, the glamor. The devastating glamor…


I can do a post about hair and makeup if anyone is interested. I can do a post on anything fashion or beauty related that anyone would be interested in reading. Tell me what you want. What you really, really want.

Well, there it is. My first real blog post. I hope you will bear with me while I get everything going. Also, don’t expect me to look this good every day, because you will be sorely disappointed. And don’t expect me to look better, because that’s just not possible.

Dress: Ross, size 12-$11.99

Shoes: Shoe Carnival, size 8.5-$18

Necklace: Made from beads from Michael’s-$5

Glasses: -$37.95

Bra: Curvy Kate Fleurty, size 38FF from -$21