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Hello all! I’ve been putting off really starting this here blog until I had something super great to talk about. Well, it doesn’t get super greater than today, so here it goes!

My best friend and I have a thing for Marilyn Monroe, so when we heard that Some Like It Hot was playing at an old theater in town, we nearly hopped our socks. Like for realz? My two favorite things are Marilyn and men in drag. Plus, I had just bought the most amazingly appropriate dress at Ross, so I simply had to go. Seriously guys, look at the dress.


I’m the one in the so-perfect-it-hurts pink dress. I call it my magic dress because it’s a size 12, and I usually wear an 18. If I hadn’t been shopping with my mom I never would have tried it on. I picked it for her, but it was too big. So I tried it on and it fit like a dream. Fate, I say! You know how plus size blogging ladies say to try things on without paying attention to the size on the tag? Do as they say. My peep Amber is in the smashing halter dress I wish I could wear. I’m lacking a strapless bra at the moment, and Bethany don’t go braless.


I take pictures at the gas station because I am the class.


Fun. We have it.



Oh, the glamor. The devastating glamor…


I can do a post about hair and makeup if anyone is interested. I can do a post on anything fashion or beauty related that anyone would be interested in reading. Tell me what you want. What you really, really want.

Well, there it is. My first real blog post. I hope you will bear with me while I get everything going. Also, don’t expect me to look this good every day, because you will be sorely disappointed. And don’t expect me to look better, because that’s just not possible.

Dress: Ross, size 12-$11.99

Shoes: Shoe Carnival, size 8.5-$18

Necklace: Made from beads from Michael’s-$5

Glasses: ZenniOptical.com -$37.95

Bra: Curvy Kate Fleurty, size 38FF from Brastop.com -$21