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I can’t dress casually. The only time I wear t-shirts is when I’m sleeping. My idea of casual includes some type of cardigan and a full skirted dress, because I am Sookie Stackhouse. I am often overdressed because casual around here means cutoff shorts and one of those spray painted shirts that says “Country Girl”, or some such nonsense.


The horror!


I don’t go out very often, so when I do, I’m not going to waste an opportunity to wear something fabulous on jeans and a tank top. This is what I wore to get groceries and do other things about town:


Overlook my face. My photographer was being contrary.

Why wear something boring when you can wear a tunic with giant sleeves? This is my favorite top, even though it is a little big. It’s from Holy Clothing, and I’m still trying to figure out what size I wear from there. I’m in love with the color and style, and it’s the perfect length to wear with leggings.



Ravishing, yes? I stumbled upon Holy Clothing while I was looking for last year’s renaissance faire dress, and I fell in love with everything! It’s all so romantic and different, and the best part is that almost everything goes up to a 5x. Their clothing has elements that I would like to see more plus size companies offer, such as square necklines, interesting sleeves, and quality fabric. I’m a sucker for a historical inspired design, and I see dresses and tops in the same style as Holy Clothing in stores at the mall, but they’re always “one size fits all”, and I know I don’t have to tell you that’s a lie. A dadgum lie! But Holy Clothing has an excellent size range, and I recommend them to anyone looking to add a little renaissance flair to their wardrobe. Their customer service is great, too. I ordered a dress in a color that was out of stock, and they contacted me and told me they would put in a special order so I would have my dress in time for the faire. That sealed the deal. Customer for life!

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Tunic: 2x, HolyClothing.com – $35.99

Leggings: XL, Walmart – $6

Necklace- Charm from Etsy, chain from Michael’s – $6

Headband- Claire’s – $1