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Hello lovelies! I have one of my favorite outfits to show you today!

I have wanted an Eshakti dress for years, but they were always just out of my price range. So when they started the $25 off for new customers promotion, I decided to place an order. Eshakti has the most amazing vintage inspired dresses, and it was really hard to pick one, but in the end I decided on the Havana dress in emerald green. Then I put my measurements in, and decided if I wanted to change anything about the dress. I wanted a pretty authentic looking 50s dress, so I changed the skirt to mid-calf length. I also wanted to be able to wear it all year, so I changed the sleeves to elbow length. All of the customizations are great for women like me, who see dresses at the mall that would be so perfect, if only they were a little longer, or had sleeves, etc. They even have an option for short or long armed ladies, so the sleeves are the right length. I have stubby little arms, and the sleeves came to my elbow like they were supposed to. Well, I know you’re dying to see how it turned out, so here you go!


The waist stretched out a bit when I wore it the first time, but it should be good after I wash it.

As you can see, it’s gorgeous! Before the waist stretched, it fit perfectly, so imagine it tighter on my waist. I would have worn my pink belt with it, but it was delivered the day after I wore the dress. By the way, how do you feel about pink and green together? It’s my favorite color combination.


Note to self: Close fingers next time.

The only things that would make the outfit better would be a petticoat and pink shoes. Alas, I can’t find a tea length petticoat that doesn’t cost me my firstborn child, and my pink shoes also got here the day after I wore it.


Did I mention pockets? Because it has them!
Sorry about the tiny picture.

I’ve heard that their customer service can be pretty useless, but I had a wonderful experience. I told them I would like to have it to wear to a birthday party, and they upgraded the shipping so it would get here on time. I didn’t even have a blog then, so I wasn’t given special treatment, and I bought the dress with my own money. I will be buying from them again as soon as I can. The quality of the dress is phenomenal. The cotton is so crisp and smooth, the seams are finished, and there’s even little snaps on the shoulders to keep my bra straps from falling down. A+ Eshakti!

  Now, on to the second part of the title. If you don’t already know, a snood is a head covering that’s in between a hairnet and one of those slouchy beanies. I got one at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, and I’m wearing it in the above pictures. I sewed some ribbon roses onto it to dress it up and make it look less like a hairnet. I forgot to get a picture of it while it was on my head, so I used my little dog as my model.


I must say, it looks better on her.

  Cute, yes? Everyone needs a snood. They turn bad hair days into good hair days, and if there’s anything I hate, it’s washing my hair.

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As far as I know, the code can be used on overstock, so you might even be able to get something for free if you keep an eye out for your size.

Dress: Eshakti, custom size – $40

Shoes: Simply Be, 8EEE – $7

Snood: Ohio Renaissance Faire – $6

Glasses: Zenni Optical – $23

Necklace: Chain from Michael’s, charm from Etsy – $6